Get With The Program (GWTP)  is the “brainchild”  of a  group of experienced economists, political scientists  and entrepreneurs  originating from Jamaica,  who teamed up  to add their collective voices to the myriad of social, economic and political issues facing Jamaica today. GWTP aims to assess and respond to,  issues of government and governance  in Jamaica, by  examining  the policies of the day and contributing  informed perspectives and insights  that might help to unlock  Jamaica’s potential and improve its social , political  and economic status.

Though dispersed across the world,  the members of GWTP are passionate about Jamaica  and  are committed to playing an active role in the  society becoming “A place of choice to live, work, and raise families.” GWTP believes that through conscious reasoning , critical examinations of issues, deliberate engagement of all stakeholders and  the  vibrant participation of citizens, we can drive change and be the difference we want to see in Jamaica.

Remember ,  the change starts with you, so Get With the Program!


Please leave us a comment or question. We'd love to hear your views!

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